Friday, April 23, 2010

GCD Studios Technique Project! + Tutorial!!!

Hi all!! Today I get to share with you a technique project created with those ohhhhhhh so wonderful GCD Studios goodies!! I know you all were interested awhile back in how I made those sweater flowers, so I put together a tutorial to show you step by step exactly how to make them. First the project:

I've been feeling such a wonder and amazement at this beautiful world we live in lately! I think springtime just brings this out. I'm just so thankful for all of God's creations and they really do pass all my understanding. The journaling on this lo is from the lyrics to a song by Cherie Call entitled It Passes All My Understanding. I love the GCD Studios products I used for this lo. They reflect that feeling of happiness and joy I felt as I created this project.
Now for the tutorial:

The lyrics are beautiful and here they are if you would care to read them:
I was sitting on a southbound plane, I was buried in a magazine
When the man in the next seat over wanted to talk to me
He talked about the universe, He talked about Saturn's rings
He said, "I might be an atheist, Except for just one thing:
It passes all my understanding How it all worked out just right
The distance that we live from the sun, The stars that shine at night
We may prove that it was just an accident but how did it begin?
It passes all my understanding"
I told him, "You are a scholar; You know things that I don't know
But I believe a God in heaven made everything below
And I know we are his children; I've known it since I was two
But when it comes to being struck with awe, I'm just like you
It passes all my understanding, All the beauty we have here
From the majesty of the canyons To a tiny baby's ear
And even when I can't believe it, He still believes in me
It passes all my understanding"
We watched the sun set through the clouds in a tiny little airplane window
With people sleeping all aroundAnd I thought of how we just expect this world to be
And when the flight attendant passed me by I threw away my magazine
It passes all my understanding, that the Lord knows both our names
And that He made this world for everyone that was sitting on that plane
And in spite of all of man's distractions He offers us His peace
That passes all my understanding

I hope you are enjoying this beautiful world today!


  1. The layout, the flowers AND THE BABY take my breath away. You are so stinkin' good at this!

  2. Oh my goodness this is precious!!!

  3. This page couldn't be any cuter or sweeter! I LOVE the little flower you made! So darling! :)

  4. Oh my gosh....what a STUNNING layout!!! Beautiful photos and the lyrics to that song gave me to go actually listen to it:-)

  5. gorgeous layout. fabulous tutorial. lovely song.

  6. This makes me a good way! I know what you mean...GOD is good! THis layout is gorgeous! cherry

  7. OMGoodness....soooo absolutely DARLING!!!

  8. So, so sweet Cheryl! I just love that sweater flower!

    (-: Heidi

  9. Gorgeous layout and great flower too!

  10. Adorable! Love that flower too!

  11. This is the most precious layout, Cheryl! The papers, the stitched clouds, the sweater flowers, the DARLING photos...everything about it is fabulous!! Thank you for the tutorial. I really want to try this! Also, thank you for the inspirational lyrics. I loved reading them!! Have a great weekend, sweetie!! ♥♥ Kay

  12. oh wow♥WOW♥wOOoooOOooow!!!!!!!! and i thought the FIRST sweater flower was spectacular! holy moly BABY SWEATER FLOWERS are evern BETTER!!! and then the LO which uses the flowers is completely, utterly, extraordinarily ♥FAB♥u♥LOUS♥!!! did i already say "WOW!!!"??!?!

    ps: ta v much for the tutorial!
    pss: let me know what the lass says re the wallpaper project! (i had TOTALLY forgotten your dd was in paraguay, lol!) i could print them out on brightly colored paper if you think that would increase her interest??! :) :) :)

  13. This is a stunning page! I love that flower!

  14. Hi Cheryl. Thanks for your comment on my blog about my 2S4Y card. I just love it when visitors leave a comment for me! I've been looking through a small portion of your blog and I really like what I see. You have great details in your cards (that I will probably borrow/steal shamelessly!). Always so much fun to find new creative blogs to follow. Take care!

  15. Adorable layout my friend and very fitting lyrics to go along side, I had never heard it before but went along to You-Tube as you suggested to listen to it, wonderful! Hugs Sue

  16. I am so excited that you left a message on my blog so that I could come over and re-pay the visit. WOW, I see lots of Sweaters without cuffs in my very near future. Wonder how many I can find at the thrift store tomorrow.
    Thank you.

  17. Just love this sweet page and wonderful tutorial!

  18. I found your blog from I'm so glad I did. I love this layout, and every creation I see. Thanks for the inspiration!

  19. Hi cheryl!

    gorgeous blog :)


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