Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Meowy Friend *Digital Doodles*

Well, Kathy has done it again! She has created ANOTHER adorable stamp. How does she do it week after week?!! I just LOVE creative people...they amaze me! Anywho...
As soon as I saw the little cat and bird on Kathy's stamp, I thought about the cat and the bird being friends and how it is sometimes the way you are different than your friends that makes the friendship so great. I found this little quote that I thought fit with that idea:
You were the one that made things different
You were the one who took me in
You were the one I could count on
Above all you were my friend.
I hope you all are enjoying your friendships today! Hugs, Cheryl


  1. I looked all day yesterday for your card, so I could tell you how much I liked your patterned paper as the cat. This is a really nice card!

  2. Oh my....such a wonderful the mix of colors and patterns!

  3. This is a wonderful poem and you have made a stunning card with it! I wandered around your blog - your work is so beautiful I'm lost for words! And believe me, that does not happen often!

  4. Such a fabulously purr-fectly wonderful card! :)

  5. So sweet! Pink and green is one of my all-time favorite color combos.

  6. what a cute stamp! I like the fun cheery colors of your card! Very cute!

  7. wow...that is just an awesome poem!! love that card and stamp is so cute!! YOU my friend are so creative!!!

  8. Aww, what a sweet sentiment! The little birdie and kitty are precious! This is such a CUTE card!!!! ♥♥ Kay

  9. Thanks for stopping by my blog doll! I love this card. I love the gcd ;) WOOT!

    PS I love the look of the blog too. So pretty

  10. Hi Cheryl,
    This is my first time on your blog and your cards are AMAZING!!!
    You are obviously very talented.
    Gorgeous work,
    Alicia xx

  11. this is so lovely and so CLEVER! not least of which being the paper-pieced cat! b/c i have *heard* of calico cats...but i've never seen one quite like THIS!!! :) (love it, cheryl!!!) ♥