Monday, April 11, 2011


Nothing crafty to post today. Just continuing the countdown celebration! We have FOUR DAYS!! My sweet girl comes home from her mission in FOUR DAYS! We will get our last letter today. I will share some of it tomorrow. You can share in my JOY by leaving a comment. There will be a drawing when she gets home for some scrappy goodness. Picture for today:
Riding the collectivos is part of her daily experience. They were quite the adventure at times:

"Now what to we hear in this gospel we have received? A voice of gladness! A voice of mercy from heaven; a voice of truth out of the earth.." D&C 128:19


  1. Hope all the cakes are baked ready! ... Have a great day

  2. This is just like Christmas, isn't it? Have a happy Monday!

  3. ah, yes memories! eeek four days!! are you able to sleep?!

  4. Oh Cheryl I bet you are counting the seconds, you must be on pins and needles. I pray she comes home safe. Hugs

  5. Four sounds so sooooooooon! While you are hugging your daughter I'll be unpacking all of my boxes. Wanna trade? :)