Monday, January 10, 2011

Happy Peculiar People Day!!!

This post comes pretty much verbatim from a magazine article I just read. Did you know it was Peculiar People Day today?! I did not before I read this article. It struck me as amusing (probably because I'm a little peculiar myself) so I wanted to share it with you!:
"January 10 is Peculiar People Day. If you're wondering how best to celebrate this holiday, you may want to follow the lead of some of the most famous eccentrics.
Sir George Sitwell: Sir George had all the cows on his country estate painted with a blue and white Chinese willow pattern, and guests said he hung a sign on his house that read, "I must ask anyone entering the house never to contradict me or differ from me in any way, as it interferes with the functioning of my gastric juices and prevents my sleeping at night". (so true, so true...haha!)
William Buckland: (I find this one a little disturbing...ok, a LOT disturbing) A renowned paleontologist, William determined to eat every animal ever discovered. He assembled a managerie and then ate his way through every creature in it (creepy), which included a panther and bluebottle flies. His least favorite dining experience was the common mole, which he found unpalatable (I'll keep that in mind William)
Hetty Green: By far the richest woman in the world during her lifetime, this frugal "Witch of Wall Street" nonetheless always wore the same black dress, never turned on the heater or used hot water, and worked out of trunks and suitcases full of papers so she didn't have to pay rent for an office. She once tried to admit her son to a free medical clinic for the poor (also disturbing) after he broke his leg. She is the longstanding owner of the Guinness World Record title "World's Greatest Miser".

So go have a Peculiar Day (in a good way, of course) and celebrate your own peculiarities or all the peculiar people in your life today!



  1. LOL! How funny this is, Cheryl! Who would think there would be a day like this.......but then I guess there's a day for everything. You really made me smile with this one. TFS!

  2. Fascinating!! Yep I reckon I've been classed as peculiar many times ... but thankfully not in any of these ways! ... eating your way through a menagerie??**!! gotta be the worst thing ever!

  3. Wow! I love the blue and white painted cows. Just think of the photographic potential there! Have a fun peculiar day!

  4. Most of my life has had one peculiar event daily, at least weekly. Like the time in Saudi, we were driving on a 6 lane road and an overize tire twice the height of our card by a bunch came rolling across in front of us! but thanks for letting me know and yes it has been an exceptionally peculiar day. That is what keeps me on my toes!

  5. HAHA... TFS Cheryl... (I love it...especially reading it whilst in the office..makes my day!)how funny this is... but I guess Most HUMAN itself is full of peculiar...I supposed ... Love this post!!... I'm sharing this with my mates here...xoxo

  6. WOW! Who knew!! You learn something new everyday! Thanks for the info.. It brought a big smile to my face.

  7. Love it! A bunch of interesting info here Cheryl. Thanks for sharing thus!

  8. Interesting post, thanks for sharing Cheryl!!!