Thursday, August 12, 2010

And She's Off!!

To high school that is! My baby girl started high school yesterday. I feel like I had a little of a reprieve because high school does not start until 10th grade here.
It is so hard to believe that my baby girl is in 10th grade! Holy Smokes where does time go?! I remember my high school years like yesterday. I just found out about a month ago that Demi Moore went to my high school at the same time I did. She was a year behind me. She only went there her freshman year and I was a sophomore (like my dd is now). I found my sophomore yearbook and there she was! She worked at our student store and I remembered her, but never knew that that girl who worked at the student store grew up to be Demi Moore. So as it turns out, Demi Moore was selling me pencils and snacks in my sophmore year of high school! haha!
I wonder if someone will become famous from my daughter's school...maybe it will be HER! Did any of you go to school with a now celebrity?! Have a great day y'all!
Hugs, Cheryl


  1. Hi Cheryl, You're daughter is beautiful! No one that I know of, famous went to my school, but your post gave me a lift! I wonder if Demi was fun to be around? I am guessing your daughter keeps you young! Love every minute, they grow up too fast! Have a great day!

  2. Cheryl your daughter is so pretty.. I must say you have one good look'n family..

    I didn't go to school with anyone famous but my girl friend went to school with Tom Hanks..

    Have a great day, Hugs, Linda

  3. Cheryl Your Daughter is `Beautiful`just like her Mamma!!!!I am sure she will enjoy her new School:)xxx
    Gotta aggree wonder if Demi Moore was nice to be around???......

  4. Congrats, you have a beautiful daughter! How cool is that to have Demi Moore selling pencils and stationary to you at school!

  5. Well, if these DARLING photos are any indication, my bets are on HER! Movie star looks, that girl has. BTW, my "baby" starts his sophomore year this year too. We seem to have so much in common! My high school claim to faim in Darius Rucker (Hootie and the Blowfish). We sang in the choir together.

  6. Oh Cheryl what a fun post you have today!!!
    Here it doesn`t exist high school.Yo u go to the same school from 4 years to 18 years and then they go to the university.
    How pretty is your daughter!!

  7. She has your beautiful smile! My son started his high school on Monday, here it begins in 9th Grade. I do have a famous girl in my class, she's an artist and it seems she has exhibited all over the world. I found out in the newspaper and felt so proud of her. She is now a professor at the University of PR but still travels the world showing of her paintings and sculptures!
    What a cool thing you buying pencils from Demi!

  8. wow Cheryl... Your girl is so beautiful and she got a beautiful smile too....I bet too... she'll be someone famous... I'd say "I know her mom!!!"...he he...

    time flies when you are having FUN....
    Interesting eh.... same school as someone famous like she pretty like today?? he he he
    have a nice day my friend...xx

  9. She's gorgeous!
    I love your story ;-)
    Thanks for sharing!
    ( you have the best backgrounds ever! This one is fabulous, so cute)

  10. Too cute! She really resembles you in the face! Wow! What a funny story about Demi Moore. I can't recall anyone famous from my high shool but who knows, maybe I should get the yearbook out!

  11. WOW! high school!!! (ok, i'm secretly thinking "ARRRRGH" but that lovely young lady exudes so much beauty & sunshine & happiness that i am sure she will be loved by everyone she encounters and have an amazing HS experience!!!)

    re celebs: the pop star "PINK" went to the same HS as lo vely husband jeff...just like 20+ years later...(my gosh we are OLD!!!) does that count?!?! :)

  12. Happy Anniversary! great card, brilliant story and adorably beautiful daughter ...

  13. Your daughter is GORGEOUS and I feel your pain (my son will be starting his sophmore year next week...kinda bitter-sweet).

    I'm not sure if everyone else thinks he's famous but he is to cousin, Colby Donaldson (Survivor Australia, All-Stars and Heroes vs. Villians) not only is my cousin (our dads are twins) but we went to such a small school that we shared classes together (he's a year older than I am).

    Still like your story about Demi and her selling pencils and such...TFS!