Monday, September 21, 2009

Apple of My Eye *2S4Y Laura #35*

This card is for my sweet Amanda. She truly is the "apple of my eye" and of my heart. Just the right amount of sweetness, but just the right amount of tang, too. Fresh and crisp in all she does. She leaves on Wednesday to start serving her mission for our church. I will not see her for the next 18 months. I will receive emails once a week from her and she can phone home on Christmas and Mother's Day. I will miss her like crazy, but am so proud of her choice to serve the Lord in this way. The personal sacrifices she is making to do this are amazing. She will be a light to the people of Paraguay and I know they will experience joy for being in her company just as we do. I want her to know these words that Christopher Robin spoke to Pooh, "You're braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think." We love you so much our dear Amanda. God bless you and watch over you and know that your family loves you and is thinking of you and praying for you at all times. Thank you to Creative Cuts and More the sponsor this week for their cuter than cute cut out apple card base and to Laura for her fabulous sketch.


  1. Your dd is gorgeous!!! thanks for sharing with us....

    Your card is delish...check out all that fabbie stitching!!! and the poms...can't forget the magnficent poms...

  2. Oh wow, you are truly blessed with such a gorgeous girl, inside and out.

  3. Gorgeous card and gorgeous girl! My son is also serving a mission. It is the hardest, best thing a mom could do...send her child away knowing they are doing something wonderful! On of my son's best friends is serving in Paraguay. Have her look for Elder Sidwell.

  4. So cute...the card too :)

    Seriously, she looks so much like you! I hope she has a wonderful time on her trip. I'll bet she will miss you dearly also. Sending up prayers for both of you.


  5. Your card is wonderful and I love that picture of your sweet girl too. I take my hat off to her and her mission in life - you must be very proud of your girl.

  6. Hi Cheryln Your DD is as beautiful as her Mamma...
    Paraquay will be blessed to have her...Your card is beautiful...TFS
    `Many Blessings` to you and yours Cheryln:)x

  7. You have a very wonderful daughter Cherlyn as beautfiul as her mother and I wish her all the good luck with her mission they sure will be blessed to have her. Your card is beautiful, beautiful.

  8. Oh good day to you Cheryl! Your dd is absolutely breathtaking beautiful. Good luck to her and her mission. Thanks for sharing.

    Your card is absolutely GORGEOUS & YUMMY! Fabulous stitching. :)

  9. Awwww, Cheryl, big HUGS to you my dear friend. I know that will be hard, but I know you are SO proud!!!! Patrick is thinking he will join the Air Force really soon, I'm a nervous wreck! I can't imagine 18 months, but it will pass by quickly and God will take care of her and you!!! Love ya!!!

  10. Big ((hugs)) to you Cheryl, your daughter is beautiful! Your card and all the posts I've caught up on are pure eye candy. :)

  11. Cheryl - your daughter Amanda is simply beautiful and I could feel your mother's heart as I read your post! I can't bear to think of my kids away from me and I can't imagine what you are going through as Amanda serves in Paraguay - but she is so blessed by her mother's love and that love will always nourish her no matter how far away from home she might be! Your card is simply stunning Cheryl! Absolutely delicious! Sending you a ton of love!!!
    Big hugs!
    Sankari :)