Thursday, April 30, 2009

My Heart Is Smiling & 2S4Y Card *Kazan 25*

My heart is truly smiling today! Diana from Diana's AUsome Creations gave me the cute little ladybug "Makes My Heart Smile" award! How nice and fun...thank you so much Diana! You can see Diana's wonderful blog and creations

I thought it was only fitting that I make a "You Are Sweet" card in honor of her. I used Kazan's fabulous sketch #25 over at 2 Sketches 4 You to make it.

I've decided to pass out the cute little "Ladybug Award" to the following bloggers. But first, the rules:

1. The winners should put the logo on their blog.

2. On your blog, link the person you received your award from.

3. Nominate 7 other blogs for the award.

4. Put links of those blogs on yours.

5. Leave a message on the blogs you've awarded.

Here are the bloggers who make me smile:

1. My sweet daughter Angela-

2. My sweet daughter Alisa-

3. Anabelle-

4. Roree-

5. Debbie-

6. Jane-

7. Danielle-

Thank you all for your inspiration and your ability to make me smile!!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

2Sketches4You Time *Laura #24*

I was able to make another Mother's Day card for one of my daughters this week using the fabulous sketch by Laura at 2 Sketches 4 You. Now I just need to make one for my mother-in-law and I'll be all ready to go. Yeah!! I'm usually so last minute on things that it feels good to have something prepared ahead of time.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

You Are Not Alone

I hope you forgive a little bit of personal-ness in this post, but this is something I felt should be shared. If there is a chance that one person is touched by this message than I need to take that chance. On Palm Sunday, I had the opportunity to hear the most extraordinary talk on the atonement of the Savior that I have ever heard. It explained in such a poignant way that if we are feeling lonely or alone that we are not, because there is One who has gone before that took upon Himself all that we could ever go through, so we indeed would not be alone in any capacity. He could truly understand and be there with us through it all. I've always known this is true, but this talk spoke to my very heart and made that message all the more clear. A portion of this talk has now been put to video. I would love to share it with all of you. I hope that all of your hearts, or perhaps even one of your hearts will be touched as mine was and you will KNOW that you are not alone. I don't know how to put the video on here, but I will link it for you. Here is the link: *You Are Not Alone
Hugs and blessings to you all,

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Mothers Day Card *Kazan #24*

I loved Kazan's sketch over at 2 Sketches 4 You, but I didn't think I was going to have time to play this week. My daughter and her two adorable little kidlets were here visiting. We had so much fun! My daughter who lives by me came to visit with her little boy, too. It is always such a joy when my daughter's get together and it was just THE BEST to watch the little cousins play. With Mother's Day fast approaching, I decided to make this Mother's Day card. I will make another this week and will give them to my daughters. It is amazing to watch them with their little ones. They are the best mothers that I know.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Cutie Patootie Kylee

I am by no means a great photographer...I wouldn't even consider myself a good photographer. I don't have a fabulous camera or camera equipment. I do, however, have one cutie patootie little Miss Kylee for my granddaughter (a very willing subject, I might add) and a genuine love for the object of my little "photo shoot".

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Dying Eggs and Everything Else! *so fun!*

You take a one year old and a two year old and combine them with colored dye...what do you get? A great big mess and such a fun time!! My two little grandsons were here for Easter and we had a great time coloring Easter eggs. Tyler love plopping the eggs into all the "pwetty" colors. When it came time to remove the eggs from the dye he would put in the spoon to fetch them out, but if the egg rolled off the spoon back into the dye (which it did most of the time) he would just plunge his whole hand in the cup of dye to retrieve that egg. It was so hilarious! Now Nathan loved throwing the eggs into the dye. Most of the time he would overthrow the cup, but it didn't matter it was still all just fun!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Happy Birthday Nathan!!!!

One of my little grandsons is one year old today! I can't believe how fast time is flying...crazy! I made a little birthday bib for him and while I was watching him for a while today, I tried it on him and took some pictures. He has been walking since he was 9 months old, so he is pretty much off to the races these days, which makes picture taking...well...interesting. I'm no photographer, especially of a little scamper doo, but I've posted my favorites. I have to say he loved the bib. I think he thought it was a superman cape, 'cause he was flying around in it twice as fast as usual and that's fast! So maybe instead of calling it a birthday bib, I should call it a birthday cape.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

2Sketches4You Time *Laura #23*

It's time for 2 Sketches 4 You again this week. I'm using Laura's Sketch #23. The sentiment on this card is from K&Company Amy Butler line and I just love it. I hope that I can live my own life every day to the fullest.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

More Triple The Sketch Blog Hop Fun

Just been having a little fun with Triple The Sketch's Blog Hop. I made these three cards for the challenge at the Triple the Sketch site using Sketch #51, The challenge at Chelsea's site to use a past sketch (I used #50, not far in the past but I just loved it!), and the challenge on Gloria's site to use sketch #9. I'm going to try to get some more of the challenges done this afternoon.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Triple The Sketch Blog Hop *Danielle H's Challenge*

My friend Danielle Holsapple posted on her blog about a fun Blog Hop that is hosted by Triple The Sketch. I made this card for Danielle's part of the blog hop. You needed to create something with an inspirational quote on it. The quote on mine is "The art of teaching is the art of assisting discovery." You should check it out. So fun! Lots of RAKs and challenges.

Just A Little Favor Please

My daughter Amanda who attends BYU is enrolled in a communications class there. As part of an assignment the class needed to create a website and get a ton of people to register on the site. It is a very large part of their grade. She asked me to advertise it here. If any of you have a chance to go register on this site, she would greatly appreciate it. Thank you all so much! Hugs, Cheryl

It is